About Flipoly

Welcome to Flipoly,

Flipoly was launched on Christmas day 2018

Our goal is to save Artists, Designers and Developers time and money for making great digital products using assets created by professional Creators. Every digital asset will be reviewed by our Flipoly team before posting the listing in our marketplace.

Flipoly's secondary objective is to focus on the professionalism of Creators around the world to continually improve our library of digital assets. Flipoly Creators will always earn 70% of the transaction cost regardless of their total sales or their exclusivity to Flipoly.

Furthermore, we have created an affiliate program where users can promote a Creator's digital asset and will always earn 15% per transaction regardless of their total sales.

Our commitment to you is to make Flipoly website a safe and easy to use marketplace while keeping our fees as low as 15% to cover site hosting, transaction fees and expenses. We count on your user input to improve and develop new features for Flipoly

Flipoly is proudly based in Montreal, Canada.